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Short introduction of the CITONORM+ cure

In the last few years, I was dealing with Professor Horvath’s „cholesterol antigenization” (that was very effective in curing atherosclerosis) and with the effects of Tolerin, invented by professor Bertók (which raised incredibly the body's defensive ability)

In mid-December of 2017 it became clear, that the antigen developed by professor Horváth cannot be purchased anymore. (Professor Horváth passed away on the 6th of March.)

The fact, that those in need were denied this opportunity meant a huge problem of conscience for me!

I must highlight, that we do not use any homeopathic products, although the CitonormPlus cure has many things in common with those theoretically and practically as well!

We also need to mention the healing power of the drug interactions. (This area of medical science and pharmacy is not well known yet…)

It is also well known that certain products with the same active ingredient of certain pharmaceutical companies show that their strength varies greatly from each other. (One treats the disease well, while the other hardly cures.) Therefore, we do not recommend replacing any of the ampoule assembled for CitonormPlus by another product – if any of them is broken, come to us and ask for another "original". (This is especially true for INFOSOL, the ampoule with a red dot!)


Footage of a carrier substance


Professor Horváth


and the footage of the same substance after the information were applied


Magnified footage of the central part of the cholesterol antigen, with information.
(It is more detailed and more structured.)

(The footage was taken in June of 2018, in Switzerland, in a well-equipped institution.)

One “CitonormPlus” cure contains 5 intravenous (or intramuscular!) injections. The patient receives 3 injections in the first two weeks of the treatment. A month later comes the 4th and another month later the 5th injection.

The used components will be produced by German pharmaceutical companies (… so everything is legal and permitted).

The cure couldn’t have any side effect or deteriorations! There are no contraindications!

To your health!

Dr. PAPP Lehel György
Surgeon, traumatologist, orthopedic and plastic surgeon