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Introduction of the CITONORM+ cure


In the last few years, I was dealing with Professor Horvath’s „cholesterol antigenization” and with the effects of Tolerin, invented by professor Bertók.

In more several cases we can achieve very good results, if we apply a combination of these two treatments (invented by myself).

As a surgeon I’ve seen many cases where the patient’s leg had to be amputated due to atherosclerosis. The amputation is always painful not only for the patient but also for every surgeon. For a surgeon it’s a painful moment, when we need to amputate a leg of a living person, and cut thorough wax like, lifeless tissues. After we saw off the leg and it just stays in our hand. It’s terrible.

I found it unbelievable, when we were able to save a patient’s leg by applying this combined cure, after his toe(s) had to be amputated. I considered it as a huge and unbelievable success.

In mid-December of 2017 it became clear, that the antigen developed by professor Horváth cannot be purchased anymore. (Professor Horváth passed away on the 6th of May.)

The fact, that those in need were denied this opportunity meant a huge problem of conscience for me!

Nobody knew, why it happened (except the family of professor Horváth), but it was highly unlikely, that the “cholesterol antigenization cure” could continue in the near future.

Due to that, I searched for alternatives (possibly such alternatives, which the authorities, who were hunting us for no reason, couldn’t disagree with).

It was a very heavy task, if we consider that the authorities tried to confine those homeopathic products, which were in use since more than 200 years. (They stated that these products encourage the patients not to use any medication material produced by drug manufacturing factories.)

I must highlight, that we do not use any homeopathic products, although the CitonormPlus cure has many things in common with those theoretically and practically as well!

We should remember, that the water molecules can arrange themselves in some cases into hexagonal formations around a ring, which is called a “quantum-tunnel composite”. This phenomenon goes well beyond the known three physical states, liquid, solid and gas. In this state water acts differently than usual, because it can quantum move. (In this state the water molecules are able to go through a solid wall, which is impossible according to rules of classic physics.) This ability is a fundamental part of our success.

We also need to mention the healing power of the drug interactions. (This area of medical science and pharmacy is not well known yet…)

My medical office in the 2nd district of Budapest.

We also know that some pharmaceutical companies provide such drugs, which have the same amount of active substances, but they do not have the same effect. (One of them cures an illness and the other “not really”.)

Due to the abovementioned reasons we do not recommend to replace the Citonorm Plus ampules with the ampules produced by any other pharmaceutical company, even if it’s broken. If so, please contact us, and we replace it with another “original”.

(This is especially true for INFOSOL, the ampoule with a red dot!)

Basics of the CitonormPlus cure

Significance of homeopathic products

Those who use homeopathic products stated that the efficiency can be increased, if we use “potentiation” methods (such as rubbing, shaking or electrifying) between the sessions.

They say that these methods are able to dissolve the toxic (poisonous) effects of the products; meanwhile the solvent (mostly water, alcohol or sugar) adopts some characteristics of the products itself. The final product is mostly so dilute, that chemically it cannot be distinguished from the pure solvent.

It is undeniable, that the users (believers?) of homeopathic products never stated, that the “homeopathic effect” would take place on molecular level during the homeopathic mechanism.

The aim of homeopathic products is to initiate and support the self-healing processes of the human body.

The homeopathy is a holistic cure, according to its basic principles it doesn’t want to cure the illness only, but the entire human body. Its main directions are the classical, clinical and complex homeopathy. Some homeopaths also have a medical degree. (In some countries, such as in Hungary medical degree is mandatory.)

In some fields (e.g.: midwifery, sports medicine) homeopathic products can also be used by specialists, who do not have medical degree, or by qualified healthcare workers.

Homeopathy was founded by a German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) between 1790 and 1843. It was introduced in Hungary in the 1820’s.)

We need to highlight that during the production of the Citonorm Plus vaccines the sequential dilution isn’t used, which is characteristic for the homeopathic products by the way …)

Importance of the vibration values

According to the homeopathic aspect (and to several other eastern aspects) all human functions are controlled by the vigor. As long as the vigor has its balance, the human stays healthy. The pathological symptoms indicate inner disturbance, which cannot be suppressed with allopathic (usual, over-the-counter) drugs. The human body must be reinforced against the given symptom, because the human body usually knows by itself what to do in case of such situation.

The homeopathic cure lets the healing process work, and doesn’t stop it.

According to researches the mode of action in case of homeopathic cures is effecting the vibration of the body.

By reason of homeopathic products resonance-frequency of the body changes specifically and permanently: water “remembers” like water-crystals.

The own frequency spectrum of the homeopathic products are stored within the liquid crystals in form of information. These spectrums will resonate with the diseased cells, tissues, organs and with the own frequency of the human body during the treatment. Homeopathy cures are based on information. It reveals the healing power of each natural material, which is to be found within their resonance. It is the reason, why homeopathic products are so effective, despite the fact, that they do not have any or only minimal chemical substances (and due to that they have no side effects!).

The information of the active substance, which is responsible for healing, is a fully transcendent (unalienable) attribute of each atom (which the temporal physicist renamed lately, it is called a connection). The information describes the location of given particles in a given three-dimensional structure.

This location will be applied to the carrier substance during dilution.

It will be recorded there (in the three-dimensional structure of the carrier substance), permanently deforming its subatomic structure. Just as when we press a key into modelling clay, its imprint will be preserved under proper circumstances. In this way we can transform simple water into homeopathic drugs.

(In professor Horváth’s antigen we can find only such cholesterol molecules, which have a specific three-dimensional structure. These were the so called “medicated isomers”).


Footage of a carrier substance


Professor Horváth


and the footage of the same substance after the information were applied


Magnified footage of the central part of the cholesterol antigen, with information.
(It is more detailed and more structured.)

(The footage was taken in June of 2018, in Switzerland, in a well-equipped institution.)

The characteristics of all proteins, which shape the living organisms, depend not only on the type, number, and bindings of their atoms, but also on their three-dimensional shape.

The enzymes are functioning in living creatures only in given three-dimensional formations.

The human body is capable to identify the foreign substances, not only based on their harmful chemical reactions, but on their three-dimensional shape. The human bodies’ own cells have an identifying key that notifies the immune system about their status. This key is a molecule formation in a specific shape.

A cell without a key will be identified as an enemy. Water is a very small molecule, so we can transform it into a cluster structure (drop-like molecule formation), which will be identified as enemy (or friend) by the immune system.a

The expression "information" really means „in the formation”.

Assignment for the following offices: Director of the medical research unit of FEMERAID international and
Secretary General of the Magisterial Medical and Health Care Council

Importance and visualization of vibration – information of water

Masaru Emoto (1943 – 2014)

Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist discovered that water defies the rules of physics in many ways. Contrary to other materials, it doesn’t act as it should. For example its boiling point is at +100 Celsius instead of -75 Celsius (which would be realistic based on its molecular weight), and its freezing point is exactly zero, although based on the periodic system it should be at -120 Celsius. When the water freezes, it expands and loses weight, although based on the rules of physics it should contract and gain weight.

Science wasn’t able to explain these irregularities even today. At the same time, these irregularities enabled life on Earth in the first place. If water would behave in accordance with the laws of physics, or planet would be an uninhabited, mere desert. Without any organic life. Water doesn’t only contain chemically justifiable materials, but also different information from those materials, with which it came into contact.

There aren’t any identical snowflakes. All of them are unique, but all of them are hexagonal shaped crystals.

It looks like all water drops would be an independent entity. A personality, which cannot be changed. If we melt a snowflake, and freeze it again, it will have the same shape as before.

Until now only the evidences of homeopathy could prove, that water is able to store information. But Emoto used new methods to analyze this capability of water. He uses a new device, a magnetic resonance analyzer (MRA), which makes the energies, invisible for the human eye, visible.

With this procedure the impacts of substantial and not substantial phenomenon –thoughts, words, music, global events - on water became visible.

Dr. Masauru Emoto the Japanese doctor of alternative cures was able to make invisible visible. He introduced a study, in which he photographed the water crystals under different circumstances…

The president honored my work.

The main point of the Citonorm Plus cure

As we described before: The aim of these (homeopathic like) products is to initiate and support the self-healing processes.

The cholesterol antigenization invented by professor Horváth and the Tolerin treatment invented by professor Bertók take effect on the whole human body. (Let’s presume that the medical science in the coming years will be able to change the human body so it will be able to heal itself instead of healing organs and only dissolving symptoms.)

To this end we have evolved and established the CitonormPlus cure, which includes the benefits of both cholesterol antigenization invented by professor Horváth and the Tolerin treatment invented by professor Bertók. Moreover, it was completed with such vitamins which help the human body to heal itself.

On the 22nd July 2018, CitonormPlus received the certification of compliance with the health protecting law of Muslims, the Halal. (Some aspects of this law have lost their value over time, and in all cases, health hazards typical of our climate and customs have been eliminated.)

However, it should be noted that the more stringent food and drug licensing system, the Muslim rigor is more a guarantee of no harm to health! (Not like energy drinks, food preservatives, flavors, etc. - "E" number of harmful compounds - or some drugs that may even be removed from the market!).

The used components will be produced by German pharmaceutical companies (… so everything is legal and permitted).

The cure couldn’t have any side effect or deteriorations!

There are no contraindications!

To your health!

Dr. PAPP Lehel György
Surgeon, traumatologist, orthopedic and plastic surgeon

We also consider it important to always highlight that those in need „receive another chance” due to this cure.

The cure becomes effective and provides a long term success if the patients tries to have a healthier lifestyle as well (for example they smoke only one pack of cigarette instead of 3 per day…).

If you are not ready to change your life, there’s no help for you.


Where does the name “CitonormPlus” come from

The word “cito” is part of many medical expressions; it indicates the connection between the composite’s suffix and the cells of the human body (e.g. cytology, cytoplasm etc.) The part “norm” means normal. This expression tires to highlight that we’d like to restore the normal cell function.

The symbol “+” or Plus completes the expression: “we want even more”.

The effects of the cholesterol antigenization invented by professor Horváth and the Tolerin treatment invented by professor Bertók

The cholesterol antigenization invented by professor Horváth aims to normalize the cell functions. It stimulates the plasma cells within the blood with a steric cholesterol isomer. Due to this stimulation the blood’s plasma cells increase their cholesterol antibody production. These antibodies cover the surface of the so called “bad” cholesterol molecules, due to that they become usable, so the cells’ cholesterol needs can be satisfied more effectively.
(Despite its bad reputation, cholesterol is very important for the human body! It plays an essential part in the cells’ structure, bindings, and production of hormones controlling sexual behavior and mineral metabolism as well as vitamin D or the bile production. For the proper functioning of our organs, cholesterol is indispensable.)
Due to the applied treatment the arteriosclerosis will be reduced, therefore the organ’s blood supply will be increased. (If we can defeat arteriosclerosis, we can avoid many heart surgeries, leg amputations, we can cure diabetes and reverse dementia etc…. supposing that the treatment can be started in time).

The Tolerin discovered by professor Bertók is a substance that has the attributes of an intestinal bacterium, which is the biggest threat for the human body. If this bacterium gets to the abdomen, it begins to multiply on high speed and kills the body (SEPSIS!), which cannot keep pace with the spreading of this pathogen.
But if the body receives a warning in time, then it has enough time to prepare itself against the attack. So there won’t be any incurable sepsis, because the body is prepared and able to defend itself…

According to our experience Tolerin helps the immune system to react faster and more effectively, which causes the escalation of cholesterol antigenization (In many cases it can perform even a miracle).

The CitonormPlus cure also contains vitamin like materials…

which can dissolve cardiovascular and gastrointestinal symptoms, and increase the neurological system.

These vitamins have a significant role in building up of all cells and molecules within the human body. This process is ompleted by several combined vitamin-mineral cures, because our nourishment isn’t as rich in vitamins and minerals as it used to be…

Citonorm+ injection protocols (rules)

One “CitonormPlus” cure contains 5 intravenous (or intramuscular!) injections. The patient receives 3 injections in the first two weeks of the treatment. A month later comes the 4th and another month later the 5th injection.

After these 5 injections are completed, in order to keep up the positive results further injections are necessary in every two year (depending on the patient’s lifestyle even more often).

Optional (not mandatory):
Before the first and after the fifth injection a laboratory test can be made, but it is not mandatory. [blood sugar, liver function, necro enzyme, renal function, (carb.N., creat. uric acid) further Na, K, Cl, Mg, Fe, (TVK, LVK)].

But we don’t aim to set the laboratory values!
We want to dissolve the symptoms, and restore the health and well-being.

There is a way to apply this cure faster; the 5 injections can be injected in 2 or 3 weeks as well. (We prefer the 2 months long cure, because it has shown better long term results.)
If somebody doesn’t have a proper vein, the mixture can be injected into his muscle as well.
On the day before, and on the day of Citonorm Plus treatment patients should drink plenty of liquids!

Risks and contraindications of the Citonorm+ cure

According to our opinion and experiences this treatment has no risks. (It only contains such materials, which were produced under strict circumstances approved by pharmaceutically regulations.)

There are no contraindications, it can be used at any ages.

If required, the treatment can be repeated more often (annually even).

Expectable result of the Citonorm+ cure

Considering the facts, that our treatment doesn’t aim only one single organ, and it helps in case of many illnesses – different timeframe and healing process is expected.

  1. Sleep becomes more balanced and relaxed.
  2. Wellbeing and strength improve.
  3. Digestive complaints of gastrointestinal tract will be eliminated.
  4. Blood pressure normalizes and patients leave medicine.
  5. Hair loss ceases, hair growth increases, color darkens.
  6. Brain function improves. ("As if the computer was being re-programmed.")
  7. Tinnitus ceases.
  8. The stenosis of the cervical artery, carotis decreases and disappears.
  9. The narrowing of the coronary artery, the angina pectoris decreases.
  10. The degree of diabetes decreases and diabetes ceases.
  11. Walking distance increases (in case of lower limb atherosclerosis).

(We need to remember that this treatment initiates the human body’s own healing processes, which means improvements can be expected even a year later.)

It normalizes the cells’ functioning. (It creates a balance.)

We have experienced that our patients, who had sleeping problems, could sleep better and longer after the treatment. Others sleep well, but wake up early. But all members of these two groups mentioned that they wake up well-rested!

Another good example is the disorder of thyroid function. It cures both under-operation and over-action.

Comments and expectable improvements for the future

Directly before the treatment, patients should drink more liquids! But there are no regulations regarding eating.

After the injections there is no sick feeling, abnormal vision, headache, dizziness. The daily routine is not changed. (You can plan your day as you wish.)

The Citonorm+ treatment is based on our experience from many years, but it is still a new method. Due to this, there is a chance that it will change during the coming years. We intend to improve our processes, based on the future experiences. We’d like to make it more effective.

We have managed to presume the information, so it won’t be damaged during transport. This means, the most important part of CitonormPlus can be transferred as well.

We would like to make our cure accessible in all settlements of our country. Due to high interest, we’d like to make it accessible worldwide as well. Patients come to us from all around the world even now. Mostly from China, Slovakia, Transylvania, Austria, Germany, The United States, Australia, South-America, etc…). But we have to wait a few years until it can be distributed worldwide.

Letter of appointment

Dr. Papp was appointed by a leading Chinese institution from Guangdong as science consultant. The written agreement about the scientific cooperation will be signed expectedly in the end of September 2018 in Hong Kong. This appointment could give fresh impetus to the researches made for the sake of future developments.

We also need to mention the bio-resonance treatment as well. This is an energy treatment (fully legal!!), during which the electromagnetic vibration of the human body will be utilized.

In this case the treatment is based on the laws of waves and interference. During the treatment we remove the harmful, discordant frequencies, and strengthen the weak healthy frequencies. If we know the frequency pattern of a harmful material within a body, then we can resolve the bindings of that material, using the pattern’s inverse and amplified form, so that material can be removed from the body.

(Due to the interference the pathological signs within the sick human body will be weakened and postponed. Until the physiologic signals strengthen. As a result, the human body will be able to control and heal itself without external help.)

All products used during the treatments are “approved”, legal products. The Hungarian order Szent Hippokratész Egyházi Gyógyító Rend offered financial and moral support. Thanks to these our treatment is accessible for those in need. (We’d like to thank you, if you can support them, as they do not receive any financial support from the government. So they use their own money to pay for the treatments. If this money is gone, then the treatment goes with it…)

„Export” (safety) packaging

We recommend the healthy lifestyle for everyone!

A given amount of vitamins and minerals are mandatory in order to have a healthy lifestyle. (We use the „Vital 0-A-B-AB” product by Calivita Company since years. This is a food supplement, which has a separate product for each blood type. It also contains herbal components against typical illnesses per blood type.)

Let me quote from the Hippocratic Oath
„I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.”

Finally, we’d like to highlight that in healing everything has its place, surgery, use of medication, homeopathy, nutrition, but mostly the psychological problems.
(Healing cannot be automated.)

Budapest, 2018. június 16.

(150 patients have received our treatment until today. The experiences are promising.
There were no complications so far!
The products used during the treatments are “approved”, legal products, and cannot be considered as chemical “drugs”!)

Dr. PAPP Lehel György
Specialist in General Surgery, Traumatology,
Orthopaedics, Plastic and reconstructive Surgery

Remark: I recommend this documentation my colleagues in the first place, so they will be able to answer the questions of their patents. The material is long, and people may get bored with it very quickly, or miss important points…
Due to this, there is also a shorter version

How to mix the components of CitonormPlus injection

  1. First, suck up in a syringe of 5+1 ml the content of the ampoule with the red dot (modified Aqua ad Inj.) (2ml).
  2. Secondly, suck up the content of the ampule with two stripes (modified B1) (2ml) and
  3. Complete the mixture with content of the brown ampoule (B6) (minimum 1 ml).
    Then inject it i.v. or i.m. (Into a vein or the muscle.)

Szent Hippokratész Egyházi Gyógyító Rend

Packaging methods:

(Istvan Drahos's Graphics - from my former hosptal, from my master of surgery ...)